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Are you suffering from seasonal affective disorder? Maybe you need a SAD light!


People suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder experience symptoms such as: a lack in energy with the unability to carry out a normal routine, sleep problems, depression, and weight gain (due to the craving of sweets and carbs).

If you are experiencing symptoms like these, or an increase in severity during the winter months, then maybe you are suffereing from SAD.

All this is due to a lack of sunlight!

The cure to these winter problems would be to get more sun. But that is not always possible, so the next best treatment is light therapy with a SAD Lamp.

What exactly is a SAD Lamp or SAD Light?

A SAD lamp has a special light that mimics the sun rays that is designed to treat SAD. However, there are many 'light therapy' products on the market nowadays that have not been clinically proven to be an effective treatment.

Don't be Fooled!

Many times you will see terms such as 'daylight bulbs', or 'full spectrum bulbs'. Although these terms suggest that they are helpful in treating SAD, this is not neccessarily true. The bulbs must emit a certain amount of light power (or lux) at specific frequencies to be effective.

This site is dedicated to giving you true information about seasonal affectives disorder and how to treat it effectively using SAD lamps and lights.

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